Sun Blossoms Floral makes the planning process for your unique wedding flowers easy and enjoyable.

Pre-meeting Preparation
To prepare you may choose to bring photos, color swatches, design elements, as well as thoughts about who you may want to honor with corsages and boutonnieres.

Our First Meeting
Owner and designer Shannon Kilduff will request a free consultation at local café or comfortable location of your choice. The first step is covering the basic details of the wedding... the when... the where... colors, themes and any other distinct information about your day. We'll discuss all of the pieces that you may want for your wedding or event. We suggest going with your big ideas so that we can put all of those details in your first run estimate. You will always have the opportunity to downsize or alter numbers as we get closer to the big day. Next comes the fun stuff. Using any images that you have brought along, photos from Sun Blossoms portfolio as well as John Henry's Floral Deck, we will pick the unique combination of flowers for your wedding. From the color of petals down the aisle to the size and shape of your bouquet, together we will come up with your entire wedding plan. Finally, you can expect to receive a complete and detailed estimate within 10 days of your consultation. Once the estimate is in your hands it will be yours to look over and alter.

Securing your Date and Deposit
At the point where you are prepared to secure the date you will send in the contract and deposit.

Changes & Additional Meetings
You are still free to alter your estimate, as the contract is not financially binding. This list can be changed up to a month before the wedding. Once a contract has been signed we will keep in contact through phone and e-mail as well as scheduling at least one more face-to-face meeting.

I look forward to the opportunity to walk you through each step of this exciting process.